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Message from the Chairman

New Mexico Senator Steve Neville

2019 - 2020 Chairman
The Energy Council

Energy and environmental issues are evolving faster than ever before. Traditional energy production has increased, but so has consumer demand for cleaner energy. Energy producers are adopting new technologies to address that demand, and renewable production is growing, too. The U.S. federal government has changed a number of its regulations impacting resource development, and some state, provincial, and local governments are implementing new rules and laws in this area. North American energy infrastructure is also increasingly integrated.

These changes define the Energy Council’s themes for 2019-2020: Emerging and Re-emerging Tools and Technologies; National, International and Corporate Considerations; and Local Impacts and Opportunities.

We will explore these themes in detail at four themed conferences over the next 12 months, allowing our members to better understand issues facing their fellow legislators, states and provinces, countries, and the world. We will use that understanding to participate in the development of federal energy and environmental policy; help develop sound legislative policies; and foster and understanding of energy and the environment.

We invite you to join the leadership of The Energy Council as we explore these themes in 2019-2020.

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