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About The Energy Council

The Energy Council is a non-partisan legislative organization founded in 1975. The original five member states (Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico) were located within the same region, and the group was initially known as the Southwest Regional Energy Council.

The organization was formed to provide a forum for producing state legislators interested in energy policy. Today the member states number fourteen, including West Virginia, Mississippi and Alabama to the East and Colorado, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Alaska to the West. It allows legislative policymakers to maintain a dialogue and learn more about energy issues of importance to their states, citizens, environment and revenue base. In recognition of the continental nature of energy markets, the Council has welcomed the Canadian Provinces of Alberta, and Saskatchewan, as well.

For energy producing states and provinces, a better understanding of energy markets, technology and policy, as well as related environmental concerns, benefits lawmakers and their constituents. The Energy Council is a proven resource for developing energy policy leadership.

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