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Message from the Chairman

Colorado Senator Chris Hansen

2020 - 2021 Chairman

The Center for Legislative Energy and Environmental Research (CLEER) provides support to the Energy Council’s efforts to educate its member legislators about energy and environmental issues of importance to their states, provinces, countries and world.  As the United States faces the challenges of climate change, COVID-19, rapidly changing energy markets, and evolving consumer preferences for energy sources, CLEER’s support is more critical than ever.

Through CLEER, both academia and industry are able to provide research and publications to the attention of the Council’s legislators through its University Advisory Board (UAB) and Program Advisory Board (PAB).

Members of the UAB, appointed by CLEER Board Members, lead seminars at each Energy Council conference to provide an in-depth look at fundamental energy issues.  In 2020-2021, those seminars will be Renewable Energy Incentives, Natural Gas Markets, and Solar+ Storage and Wind+ Storage.

Our PAB members include a broad range of energy as well as those who transmit and distribute energy.  They provide suggestions for speakers at Energy Council conferences and other input throughout the year.

The perspective of our UAB and PAB members will help the Energy Council pursue its 2020-2021 themes: Evolving Challenges and Opportunities; Innovative Approaches to Energy and the Environment; and Worldwide Energy and Environmental Considerations.

I look forward to sharing an informative and productive year with members of CLEER and the Energy Council.

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